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Understanding interartistic and intermedial pratice in historical context


21st Century Autofiction

by Kate Willman Autofiction – blurring the lines between an author’s real-life experiences and invention – is an example of a frequently intermedial and interartistic practice that has particularly flourished in recent years. It has...

Postmodernism R.I.P.?

Art is how we make ourselves intelligible to ourselves. This is why critical debates about contemporary culture matter, not only to specialists. This is why we are fascinated by ‘-isms’, by new names for our...

Modernism / Modernisms

The essay ‘Avant-Garde and Kitsch’ (1939) which opens Clement Greenberg’s volume Art and Culture (1961) remains one of the most influential discussions of modernism and its relationship with popular culture. Greenberg’s championing of avant-garde movements...