How to get involved: Teachers, academics, curators, artists and other cultural practitioners

If you’d like to get in touch, please write to us using the form on this page, or just contact one of the team (see ‘People’) directly. We are keen to talk to those who find this website interesting and who are working on interartistic practice. We also have a newsletter which we send out three times a year and which gives information on publications and events associated with the project. You’ll find this on the Homepage.

How to get involved: PhD students and Postdocs

We are very interested in the work of research students and early career scholars, and currently have 10 doctoral students working under the umbrella of the project. We would like to hear from you if your doctoral or post-doctoral research relates to our interartistic project, or if you wish to apply for a PhD with us.

Postdoctoral positions are very competitive but if you have a strong idea related to the project, get in touch and we will look together at sourcing funding. Note that we can offer the exciting possibility for joint 3-year British Academy postdoctoral fellowship with the prestigious British School in Rome, an important academy for research on Italy, and one of our official partners. You would then be based in part at the BSR in Rome and in part in a British University. Please check your eligibility for this award at the following link before contacting Dr Clodagh Brook ( or Prof Giuliana Pieri ( We may also support suitable Leverhulme and Marie Curie applications, supported by strong references.

If you think you have a suitable project, please have a look at our profiles under the ‘People’ tab and contact one of the project team directly to discuss your plans for research with us.