museumsWe are planning a number of activities over the next few years which are aimed at strengthening our links with museums and galleries which have collections of modern Italian art. Our interests focus on both exhibition and display theories and practices, and educational activities. We will organize a study day on trends in museum exhibition and display in relation to interartistic and transmedial practices in Italy. The study day will address a key underlying issue of the project: the impact of past and present disciplinary boundaries on both scholarly and public understanding of a number of Italian interartistic practices in 20th and 21st century Italy. Curators with substantial experience of interartistic exhibitions and collaborations will be invited to reflect critically on their curatorial experience and discuss issues related to the real and perceived challenges of bringing a higher degree of intermediality and interdisciplinarity into the museum and gallery space. The study day will be aimed in particular at curators responsible for UK galleries and museums that hold collections of 20th and 21st century Italian art. If you or your institution has a particular interest and/or expertise in this area, please get in touch with us.

Our aim is to engage curators (and the institutions they represent) in an active dialogue with our research project via participation to the study day and in the blog posts which will feature on our webiste. Our intention is to highlight the challenges and opportunities presented by new ways of displaying and contextualising the work of Italian artists in the period under consideration, ultimately fostering a shift away from traditional mono-disciplinary perspectives. Dedicated blog posts throughout the life of the project will also be devoted to the exploration of these issues.