Our planned outputs

This is what we have planned as part of the AHRC-funded project that underpins this website. We’ll provide details of these outputs on this site over the coming years.

  • A monograph that aims to rewrite the cultural history of Italy in the 20th and 21st centuries from an interartistic perspective;
  • A monograph dedicated specifically in the relations between the arts in Italy in the digital age;
  • A further edited book that will provide the theoretical underpinning for interartistic research for a broader intellectual community;
  • Sample interartistic/intermedial teaching material for secondary schools;
  • Together with the Estorick Collection, an interartistic exhibition in London, a catalogue, and a CPD day for museum curators;
  • 3 workshops on theories of interartistic practice. These will take place in London, Rome and Birmingham during the spring and summer of 2016;
  • A Centre for the Interdisciplinary Study of Modern Languages. This will be set up at the University of Birmingham (UK) during 2016;
  • We will also be developing dedicated events for postgraduates and postdocs. Much of the work we will be doing is targeted at informing ideas about interartistic practice and empowering people to explore, in a theoretically informed way, interartistic practice;
  • The blog posts from the first phase of the Interdisciplinary Italy project (Interdisciplinary Italy 1900-2015: art, music, text), which has now closed, can be found under the Archive tab.