Website Overview

This new website is a space to discuss, create, curate and teach things like this:


It is a space for academics, artists, museum curators and teachers to explore and experiment with what we call ‘interartistic’ and ‘intermedial’ practices

A Definition of Interart/Intermedia

  1. Forms of art and media which merge more than one art. For example, opera (as text and music), sound art, digital visual poetry, cinema, graphic novels, performance art
  2. A field of practices in which artists and writers who conceptualise their work in terms of more than one art or media. Poet Edoardo Sanguineti, for example, discusses composer Arnold Schoenberg as an inspiration for his poetic collection, Laborintus (1956)

We argue that until very recently this interartistic and intermedial work was often lost in academic discussions of Italian culture. However, it is far too exciting, experimental (and often transgressive) to be forgotten.  On this website we give it the space we think it deserves.

The focus of this website is 20th and 21st century Italy. We will also, however, put modern Italy in context, from time to time, with other countries and with other time periods.   

The website is run by four academics (Clodagh Brook, Florian Mussgnug, Emanuela Patti and Giuliana Pieri). A wonderful team of artists, museum curators, teachers and academics support us. The Estorick Collection of Modern Art is our official partner. We are immensely grateful for this team’s ideas and enthusiasm: without them this website would not be possible. The project is supported by a generous grant of £680,000 from the AHRC. It will run until at least 2018.

This website is conceived as a dynamic space for co-writing across artistic disciplines,  for exploring and sharing theories of interartistic and intermedial practice, and for thinking about how these might apply to museums and in schools. We hope to create a hub for those of you engaged with these kinds of ideas and practices whether artists, academics, curators, teachers, students, or indeed anyone interested in these ideas.