Resources for Users

This website is conceived as a dynamic resource for those engaged with interart and intermedia in Italy.

These resources include two blogs for discussing ideas of Interart/Intermedia

History: a blog designed to sketch a cultural history of interart and intermedia, especially in the 20th and 21st century

Theory: As the project develops, we hope together to identify some underlying tendencies and principals behind interartistic  and intermedial practice.

A workspace for artists:

Creative snapshots provides an experimental and multimedia blog for artists, curators and critics to display interart and intermedia. It is also a space to discuss examples/case studies.

A bibliography on Interart/Intermedia. Over time, we will gather key texts that may be useful to those writing on, creating, curating or teaching interart/intermedia.

Resources for Museum Curators.  In the latter part of the project (from 2017), we will work with museum curators to provide resources for those who work with interartistic and intermedial displays.

Resources for Teachers. In the latter part of the project (from 2017), we will work with teachers. The aim is to create sample resources for those teachers who work, or want to work, with interartistic and intermedial forms in the classroom.

Events. Information about events we organize with an interartistic and intermedial focus that readers of this website have submitted to us.